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Structure and architecture

    The "Structure and Architecture" program, which is part of our "éléments, structure & architecture" master's program, is offered jointly with École des Ponts ParisTech. Its goal is to make architects aware of the world of engineering and vice versa. It thus contributes to decompartmentalizing the world of engineers and architects and allows students to acquire a solid culture in the field of structures applied to architecture.


    The program, offered within the "éléments, structure & architecture" program, is directed by Léonard Lassagne. Each year, it welcomes about fifteen student-engineers and student-architects. It offers architectural students the opportunity to learn about structural and material calculations for simple cases, and engineering students a high-level scientific training and a basic culture in architecture. This system constitutes an undeniable added value to be used in their professional career.

    Jean-Marc Weill
    Bernard Vaudeville

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