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Les Formes du Réemploi

Call for Workshop proposals. Apply now!

Du Monday 5 February 2024
au Friday 9 February 2024
appel à candidatures
Winter school

Each year, the School organizes an intensive workshop that brings together more than 250 students. The aim of this exercise is to experiment with new pedagogies and to work together on transversal reflections on the city, the territory and architecture.
Open to students from the school as well as to French or foreign students from outside institutions (upon registration), the inter-year intensive is given over 5 days in the form of a winter school.

For its 9th edition, the winter school, curated by Thibaut Barrault, architect and teacher, has as theme « Les Formes du Réemploi ».

From February 5 to 9, 2024, the Winter School will be looking at issues related to re-use, re-purposing and recycling. The first method focuses on function, the second on form, the third on matter, but they all structure a more indulgent approach to the material heritage that surrounds us. These processes are all methods and techniques for reclaiming waste, commitments to combat obsolescence, tools for giving a second life to the objects and materials in our environment, and possible readings of the territories in which we work.

While these commitments seem current and necessary, they are struggling to find a stronger relationship with the discipline of architecture. They tend to take precedence over any other aspect of design, and to be defined as sufficient for a project. The winter school "Les Formes du Rémploi" will therefore be an invitation to think collectively about the ideas and forms of re-using materials and objects from our everyday lives, and will seek to confront them with formal and cultural ambitions that are more firmly rooted in the history, present and future of architecture.

Associated with the notions of 'as-found' and 'ready-made', these processes recall the great artistic canons and allow us to take a committed aesthetic stance. Confronted with questions of construction and assembly, they point to the subject of language and suggest a new definition.

Call for applications is now closed. Applications are no longer accepted.


This call for applications is open to our teachers and alumni, but also to all architects, designers, scenographers, artists, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, researchers, journalists, visual artists, textile designers, etc.

The deadline to submit your workshop proposal is Monday, November 13, 2024 at midnight.

How to apply
Applications must be submitted by email to Inbal Haddad**

A complete application must include the following:
- application form duly filled
-a selection of 3 royalty-free images.

Please name the PDF file and the jpeg images correctly according to the nomenclature:

The proposal must include a title and a description of the topic.

The supervising team can be composed of 1 to 3 people maximum.
Supervision rate: 15 students per supervisor.
Each team designates a representative responsible for the transmission of information before, during and after the winter school.

Each team will have to describe succinctly the type of productions, renderings, exhibition principles, the places invested during the week and the material means required.

Estimated budget
50 to 85 euros + 5 euros reserved for recycling and valorization per student.
This budget includes the purchase of materials, printing, invitations to speakers and visits.
Expenses covered by the school must be approved in advance by the authorizing officer.


Opening of the call for applications: Wednesday, October 27, 2023
Deadline for applications: Monday, November 13, 2023 at midnight
Announcement of selected participants: Monday,November 20, 2023 [Due to the large number of applications received, the selection process requires additional time. The winners will be announced shortly]
Face-to-face coordination meeting with participants: December, 2024

Winter school: Monday 5 to Friday 9 February 2024
Joint submission: Friday afternoon, February 9, 2024
Deadline for the restitution of the productions for the work site: Friday Febuary 16, 2024 at 4 pm


Expenses covered by the school must be approved in advance by the authorizing officer (secretary general or director)
-an employment contract if they are salaried employees,
-an estimate or website basket from which the purchase orders or CB purchases are made: services (including speakers on invoice), purchases of equipment or supplies.
No expense paid directly by a teacher or employee can be reimbursed.


The school has two ways to make payments. The transfer (which follows an invoice), the payment by CB (purchases on Internet sites).
It is necessary to limit purchases by credit card to those that cannot be made otherwise because the spending limit for this method of payment is limited.
Other orders (materials, supplies) must be placed with the school's suppliers
Estimates or internet shopping carts should be sent to franck.provitolo@paris-est.archi.fr (specifying the name of the group) to establish a purchase order or credit card purchase.

The supervisors can organize visits. Upon presentation of an estimate, the school will cover the cost within the 85 euros per student.

Within the framework of their budget, supervisors may call upon lecturers or speakers/specialists. The remuneration must be included in the group's financial budget (85 euros/student). Depending on the nature of the intervention, payment may vary. For information, the rate applied for a conference is 82.23 euros gross/hour.

Printing/price list
For the calculation of the budget necessary for the project, the cost of printing is the one voted by the Board of Directors.

format B&W price color price
A4 0,05 € 0,40 €
A3 0,10 € 0,70 €
A2 0,20 € 1,25 €
A1 0,40 € 2,50 €
A0 0,80 € 5,00 €

A print account will be created and credited with the budgeted amount for groups that express the need (tracking table)

Laser Cutting
Laser cutting is also done by crediting a printing account. It will be necessary to transfer the cost (1 hour of laser = 15 €) to the account of the instructor who performs it (see model workshop).


Graphic arts
Boesner Champigny
Rougié Plé Voltaire
The Giant of Fine Arts Tools, hardware

Tools, hardware
Leroy Merlin Collegien or Leroy Merlin Lognes (more specialized in gardening)
UMHS (hardware and other)
Manutan (adhesives, tools)

Model materials
SMBOIS (wood) or BERTY (cardboard)

JM Bruneau (office and other supplies for businesses)

Mondial tissus
Dreyfus déballage (Marché St Pierre)
Queen's Fabrics
The Art Reserve Loans of materials

Lending of equipment
You will need to specify the need and the number and send your request to lucas.crosson@paris-est.archi.fr who will make the link between the departments.
Specific equipment
Camera, Audio/video/computer, Spotlights
The loan of equipment is not to be taken into account in the budget.
The follow-up will be set up at the level of the general secretariat (an identity card will have to be left in guarantee). The borrower will be responsible for the equipment.

The school can lend a vehicle under certain conditions.
The vehicle can only be taken by an employee of the school.


The supervision for the week is 20 hours paid at a gross hourly rate of 53.34 euros excluding teachers.
Transportation and meals are not covered.
The remuneration is subject to the supervision of the workshop during the week of the winter school as well as to the transmission of the elements of restitution for the student work site.

Employees: speakers on contract
The invitation letter indicating the number of hours and the documents to be provided for the contract and the pay is sent to the speaker by Inbal Haddad. The speaker is entered in our time management platform "Taiga". A letter of commitment is issued and sent to the contributor for signature. The payment will be made after the service is done in April.

The contributors
In the case of non-salaried speakers, paid on invoice, the various purchases must be included in the total amount of their estimate which will be the subject of a purchase order.
The protocol is the same for one-time guests, such as speakers, whom the supervisors would like to call upon during the week.

Additional information

The participating students are those of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year (Bachelor) and (Master), that is to say about 250 students.
The winter school will also be open to French and foreign participants upon registration (90 euros fee).

Security rules
The proposed subjects cannot include for their realization: work at height, a fire point, food preparation.

Dismantling and recycling at the end of the winterschool
At the end of the jury, each supervisor is in charge of dismantling and sorting the materials used for recycling according to the instructors' instructions.

The name of our school is: École d'architecture de la ville & des territoires Paris-Est. The speaker agrees to use this name in full to designate the school in its communications and to tag @eavtparisest on Instagram.

**Student work site
At the end of the winter school, each team must send the elements to feed le site travaux étudiants. The guide is available on the intranet or on request from Sandrine Boutersky

Winter school
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February 5 - From February 9, 2024

Thibaut Barrault, architect and teacher

Contact information
Inbal Haddad

Joanna Piotrowska, Frantic, 2017

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